Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharedCount?

SharedCount is a service that looks up the number of times a given URL has been shared on major social networks.

How do you get this data?

We query it directly from the services.

Which services are currently supported?

SharedCount has been around since 2010, we currently version our API to periodically update the current supported APIs.
As of April 2018, the following is the status of the networks we've ever queried:



How long are results cached for?

Depending on the caching involved, it can range from between 20 minutes to an hour for any given URL.

Can I keep getting data after my API quota has been exceeded?

By default, no. However, paid users can opt-in to enable quota overages by logging in and clicking "Enable Overages".

Why don't I see results for my Facebook page/image/link?

SharedCount is for looking up URLs that get shared on the internet (like articles and websites), not for internal things within Facebook or any social network. Sometimes you'll see results for those types of URLs.

Can I use SharedCount to see the social posts where a URL's shares occurred?

No. In order to do so, you'll need to either query directly from the services, or use a social listening tool.

Can't find what are you looking for?

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