Shared Count

Track URL shares, likes, and more.

What is SharedCount?

SharedCount is a service that looks up the number of times a given URL has been shared on major social networks.

How do you get this data?

We query it directly from the services.

Which services are currently supported?

SharedCount has been around since 2010, and we didn't have the forethought to version our API to allow for removal of sites that we discontinue. (This will change in the future).

As of January 2016, the following is the status of the networks we've ever queried.:




Google Buzz

How long are results cached for?

Depending on the caching involved, it can range from between 20 minutes to an hour for any given URL.

Can I keep getting data after my API quota has been exceeded?

By default, no. However, paid users can opt-in to enable quota overages by logging in and clicking "Enable Overages".

Why don't I see results for my Facebook page/image/link?

SharedCount is for looking up URLs that get shared on the internet (like articles and websites), not for internal things within Facebook or any social network. Sometimes you'll see results for those types of URLs.

Why is my Facebook data a little weird?

A small percentage of URLs don't return accurate results with Facebook. That's because Facebook normalizes shares for pages that declare a canonical URL, either with OpenGraph URL or canonical URLs meta tags. That means they'll aggregate the shares across all those URLs that share a canonicalized URL. For URLs where these canonical URLs are set incorrectly or inconsistently, the data you'll get for those URLs and their shares will be limited.

What's to stop me from just building my own version?

Feel free. We even document the endpoints we use in our documentation. We're the service you can use if you don't want to bother building it yourself. We also provide a caching layer that makes sure the results are returned snappily, which is helpful if you're querying us regularly.'

Why isn't working? is no longer available as an end-point and was permanently discontinued on January 1, 2015. Users seeking free usage of the API should create accounts, which will query

What is SharedCount built on?

SharedCount is built on Google App Engine. The website is written in PHP; the API is written in Python. DNS is hosted by Cloudflare.

Can I use SharedCount to see the social posts where a URL's shares occurred?

No. In order to do so, you'll need to either query directly from the services, or use a social listening tool.

Can I pay via invoice, purchase order, or check?

While we have a strong preference for credit card payments (securely handled by Stripe), invoice, purchase order or check payments are available for customers enrolling in annual billing for the Dedicated Plan. Please email for more information.

Does SharedCount have an affiliate program?

Yes. Please email for more information.