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Created in 2010, SharedCount was the first API tool capable of giving you holistic engagement data on your website content. From simple use with WordPress, to larger API integrations, SharedCount makes it easy to see what content is connecting, what content is not, and where you should focus your efforts to maximize ROI.

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SharedCount handles 2.5 billion requests every month, and can handle billions more. No matter the size of your enterprise, we’ve got your data covered


Our social tracking API works, period. Choose us for a guaranteed 99.98%+ success rate on all your social tracking data queries


Backboned by a vast group of servers, SharedCount has the power it needs to serve queries from enterprises of all sizes

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01 {
03"Facebook": {
04"comment_plugin_count": 0,
05"total_count": 537,
06"og_object": null
07"comment_count": 296
08"share_count": 211
09"reaction_count": 30
11"Pinterest": 60
12 }

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